AllureWeddings Wedding Photography Price List 2018

Proposals & Solemnisations @ S$558 (Photo or Cine)
This is our basic coverage. If you want to save up for your big day, yet have your Proposal or Solemnisation covered professionally by AllureWeddings, this is perfect. One-camera. ninety minutes. We’ll keep your friends and relatives busy enjoying their day instead of helping you with what we do best.

PreWeddings S$1,088 (Photo or Cine)
We know some of you have known each other so long, you’re having difficulties counting the years. Here’s something simple to document the both of you at your most glamorous, and prioritise your budget for something awesome, like travelling! We have a feeling twenty Standard Edits or a SaveTheDate trailer is enough to satisfy you cravings.

reWeddings S$1,488 (Photo)
Perfect for an Overseas PreWedding. We know some of you have more to explore and accomplish, and would love to spend more quality time with our photographer. This four hour service with twenty Standard Edits is almost a steal. Our Overseas PreWedding couples get added privileges of course. Just don’t tell everyone.

PreWeddings S$3,188 (Cine)
Perfect for an Overseas PreWedding. Some works allure you, draw you in to see more, make you watch it over and over again. If you want to impress your guests, you really don’t want to consider other bundles. This two-cameras four-hours service is designed to do exactly that with our specially crafted SaveTheDate production. You’ll be surprised how easy acting is, with our directing that is.
Our Overseas PreWedding couples get added privileges of course. Just don’t tell everyone.

Pre-wedding S$3,388 (Photo)
Flamboyance is key here. Touch that fine grain paper, feel that textured leather cover and archive your prints for generations to come with our archival quality GalleryAlbum. This album is made with premium materials that puts its competition to shame, paired with forty Premium Edits to knock yourselves out. Our suggestions are always a 12″x12″ GalleryAlbum, but it’s totally customizable, and you even get to explore the album boutique for yourselves. Our Overseas PreWedding couples get added privileges of course. Just don’t tell everyone.

Pre-wedding S$5,688 (Photo)
Dear Photography enthusiasts. This is made for you. This package puts you in the limelights. With our professional make-up artists tagging along, you’re in for a treat. Spend eight fun-filled hours with us and your PreWedding Photography will be like no other, especially when it’s finished with our forty Premium Edits GalleryAlbum. Did we mention that you can totally customize this album ? Check in with us to find out why we don’t recommend this for an Overseas PreWedding shoot.

Pre-wedding S$7,388 (Cine)
You have a story to tell? We’re going all out on this, with a crew of five, please block off a day or two for this epic production. First and foremost, we need to know your story. Tell us, and we will create a fairy tale ShortFilm for you. Don’t worry about make up and hair, we’ve got it covered.

Wedding Day
?S$1,988 (Photo)
An outdoor wedding by the beach, yatch or on a luscious patch of green? You’re probably looking for this six-hour coverage. Now that most of your works are probably captured by us at AllureWeddings, let us start your new life with twenty Standard Edits of the best moments on this special day.

S$2,588 (Cine)
We’ve been asked so many times to do a Lunch Wedding highlight we had to craft something specially for that. This two-camera six-hour service treats you to our all time best seller, our SameDayEdit. Regardless of the little amount of time available, we make it perfect for you. This is a special case, some terms apply if you want us to pull this off for you.

$2,988 (Photo)
Let our Principal Photographer spend ten hours taking care of you and you’ll get a lifetime’s worth of pictures to reminisce over. And not forgetting that twenty Standard Edits that will summarize this glorious day.

$3,688 (Cine)
This is our recommendation. Let us take care of you the Allure way. Our two-camera ten-hour coverage will leave you with tears of joy everytime you relive it with your little ones, true story by the way. This package allows us to give you a proper, full coverage paired with our impeccable SameDayEdit to surprise your friends and family at dinner.

S$3,788 (Photo)
There’s always something magical about a wedding, and when you allow us to cover it in with two cameras, you give us the opportunity to capture that magic. And of course to reward you with you decision in taking our two-camera ten-hour coverage, you’ll get to enjoy forty Standard Edits with your loved ones.

S$5,188 (Photo)
Some of us fall head over heals for touch and prints. We know you, and had you in mind when crafting this bundle out. In case you just joined us, our GalleryAlbums are made from extremely high grade archival material because it has to last you a lifetime. Specially when you engage two of us for ten hours to capture the magical moments, we want to start your new life off with 40 Standard Edits printed on your favorite textured papers, totally customizable of course.

S$6,488 (Cine)
If you missed us during your PreWedding phase and feel like making up for it, this full day coverage is like a million roses in a bottle waiting to explode. With Aerial filming, a WeddingTrailer, our all time favorite SameDayEdit, and a heartwarming WeddingSummary for the family, this full coverage allows us to run your Wedding like it’s our Wedding. With epic ideas to share with you, we, too can’t wait to hear what else you have to share with us.